How to use Mail Chimp for email-marketing ?

First, what is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply the effort of communicating your business’s value to your customers and prospects through email.  Email marketing is typically opt-in meaning people have signed up to receive your communications through a web site or on a subscription form at your office or store.

What kind of information should you send in an email marketing campaign?

  • Newsletter: A newsletter can provide updates on your organizations activity, helpful information and specials.
  • Announcements:  Share information about local events that you are sponsoring or that are relevant to your audience.
  • Email: Are you offering a new product or service that you want to make sure people are of? Email promotions are a way to communicate your business offerings.

How do you create an email-marketing template?

  1. Using Mail Chimp as the sample vendor, create a user account on the site.
  2. From the home page choose to create a campaign, located in the lower right corner of the screen. Select the “Regular ol’ Campaign” to begin.
  3. You will be prompted to select a recipient list (you can built that list from signup page) for your email. The next screen prompts you to provide a title, a return email address and other specific information about your email.
  4. In the next screen you are given the choice to select the method for creating your email, I recommend you choose the predesigned templates. The templates offer a lot of ease of use for users who are just getting started with email marketing.
  5. Peruse the templates available and then choose the format and design that meets your needs. Once picked, you can easily replace the photos with your own images and replace the content with your own content.
  6. Once you have finalized your email, select the button on the upper right hand corner “preview and test” your email. Make sure you preview your email before you finalize it.
  7. The last step before sending is to send a test version of the email to your own email inbox, this feature is also available under the preview and test button.
  8. Mail Chimp does a nice job of error checking your communication and stepping you through this process. As you move to the final step of sending your email, Mail Chimp will offer you a chance to review all of the pertinent details of your email.
  9. And now, send it! Select “Send Now” button at the bottom of the final review page.

Here are three vendors who offer email marketing:

Constant Contact: Great user interface but they charge a fee after an initial trial. So, if you volume is low they may not be the best option.
Mail Chimp: Great user interface and they do NOT charge for up to 2,000 emails so this is a perfect choice for people who are just starting out.
Mobility Mix: Offers email templates and the ability to market using email along with texting services, QR code creation, and social media integration. Low monthly fee. *Mobility Mix is product of Breezy Hill Marketing.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about implementing an email marketing campaign for your business!


2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Are you wondering how your peers are using social media?

Wondering if you should focus on Pinterest or podcasting, or put more effort into Facebook?

In fifth annual social media study, more than 3000 marketers reveal where they focus their social media activities, how much time they invest, what the rewards are and where they’ll plan their future efforts.

Here is the report created by:


Click Here For Report:   SocialMediaMarketingIndustryReport2013



Certain Things You Must Know About Social Media

It is now a buzz that social media marketing will merge into other marketing activities and there will not be opportunity for a separate Social Media marketer. So, Do you have a career in social media marketing? Will social media have a life apart of all other marketing activities? Well, I think that the answer to both of these questions YES.

As it said, Brand is the community of people who feel affinity to it. We use different tools like TV, Facebook, print ads, events, Twitter to communicate with that group. The main goal is the connection between community members and the brand. You would want to make existing members more engaged and bring in new people.

It’s a bit like public relations, but on a much more personalized way. In some cases you will be talking to a single person or a small group on the other hand you can use TV to reach millions in a way that community expects you to. For example TV ads will be personalized… though! Not just that we show ads based on the interests and behavior of the viewer but the ad content itself will be personalized with the name of the person, favorite color, earlier purchases or activity on the social networks.

The community manager’s work will span all channels and strive to be as personal as possible. So, you could say that you are doing web banners or TV ads, but they wouldn’t work without the social context. This is insanely powerful! One ad agency used my name and the name of my girlfriend in the character dialog. This ad ran a few months ago and I still remember the ad and the context. This can be scaled!

Social networks will be the core and marketing will be the tools to build it. Post-sale interaction will grow in tremendously as the real experience of using the brand will make people more engaged and willing to share their experiences. You lay your marketing plans by analyzing the underlying social graph. Then you put a post here, a discount there, maybe a TV ad in certain region, etc.

As Jeremiah Owyang pointed out one on one social media doesn’t scale. This means that the task of social media marketer will be to build and nurture the true fans of the brand. True fans will be the group that helps you scale without losing personal touch. You will give away a lot of control but the rewards will be worth it.

In contrast, the social media marketer has to train the people inside the company to interact with the community. Achieving authenticity may be difficult for some and helping them to relate to the consumers of their work is very important.

Social media marketer, community manager or SMO, call her what you will. The one who builds the stickiest social graph around their brand will win. Now technology has given us the tools to actually measure and work with that social graph…

Amit Giri,
Social Media Expert,
Virtual Consulting